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Winners of the 2023 first cycle

Fuzhou, China

Focuses on the sustainable development strategy of green economy and digital economy, innovatively implements the urban water system management project, and builds itself to be a green, low-carbon and eco-friendly garden. 

George Town, Penang, Malaysia 

Implements an nature-based climate adaptation plan, an efficient financing mechanism, innovative technological tools and intelligent solutions to achieve sustainable development in a holistic way. 

Salvador, Brazil

Proposes a coordinated, goal-oriented approach, emphasizes on the protection of women's rights and cultural heritage, and forms a number of replicable urban development experiences. 

Brisbane, Australia 

Represents a people-centered, innovative city by creatively combing data, technology, urban planning, robust financial and economic models with social system. 

Kampala, Uganda 

Achieves significant progress through actions based on innovative programs in the areas of road safety and connectivity, urban air quality improvement, green financing, and renewable energy utilization.