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call for applications 2nd cycle

Question 1: When is the application deadline and whether an extension will be considered?

Answer: The second cycle of the Global Award for Sustainable Development in Cities (Shanghai Award) is now open for applications, with a deadline set for 15 June 2024. If there’s an extension by then, we will release an announcement on the official websites of UN-Habitat and Shanghai Award.


Question 2: Can the applicant add materials after the application deadline?

Answer: It is recommended that you submit all materials before the deadline. You may not add materials after the application closes.


Question 3: If the application web page can’t be opened, can we send the application materials to the official mailbox via email?

Answer: Please contact the task force at for assistance.


Question 4: Can we submit projects or cases which have already been submitted in the previous cycle?

Answer: Projects or cases that have not previously won the award can be resubmitted.


Question 5: What are the theme and areas of special focus of the 2024 Shanghai Award?

Answer: The general theme of the award is “Building a Sustainable Urban Future for All”. The 2024 second cycle encourages cities worldwide to apply and showcase their progress in four areas: quality and secure housing for diversified needs, youth leading vibrant communities, innovative development for urban prosperity, and low-carbon and climate resilient urban development.


Question 6: Can other languages be used for the application? Can supporting materials be in other languages?

Answer: Currently only English is accepted for filling out the application form. For other supporting materials, it is recommended that they are translated into English to help the international jury better understand the content.


Question 7: Will the winning cities receive any reward?

Answer: Winners will be presented with a plaque and a trophy. The outstanding practices and achievements in sustainable urban development from the winning cities will be added to the best practices database of the New Urban Agenda (NUA) platform and the Shanghai Manual. The winning cities will also be invited to attend important international events such as the World Urban Forum and the Observance of World Cities Day, among others, gaining opportunities to exchange best practices with other cities, boost tourism and potential investment, and create new opportunities for local economic development.


Question 8: How can cities apply for the award and what are the approaches?

Answer: The applicant cities must complete and submit the Application Form via the online application portal on the award website, where applicants can also upload supporting materials.

The application includes two approaches: self-application and application with nomination. If a city decides to adopt self-application, the applicant will need to submit an official Application Letter to confirm that the city will participate in the evaluation and selection for the Shanghai Award. If a city decides to adopt application with nomination, the applicant will need to submit a nomination letter from eligible nominating entities: Member States of the United Nations (UN), UN agencies other than UN-Habitat, organizations and institutions that have consultative status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) or that have been specially invited by UN-Habitat. An official Nomination Letter and a Confirmation Letter by the city/municipality are required.


Question 9: Apart from completing the Application Form, can we submit other supporting materials?

Answer: Considering there is a word limit for the application form, you are encouraged to provide supporting materials with your submission, for example, photographs, videos, media reports, promotional materials, procedural documents, supporting bylaws or city regulations and policies (brief), or working standards, etc. The above-mentioned materials are not compulsory but will help to strengthen your application.


More questions?

Please contact Shanghai Award Task Force at